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Free Bible Images (website)

This website provides Bible images for use in presentations or other teaching material. It seems that the images can be used for any teaching, but not for commercial purposes. Free sets of Bible story pictures, images and illustrations to download. ‘The Word in pictures’. Source: Free Bible images: Free downloadable pictures illustrating stories from the … Continue reading Free Bible Images (website)

Alchemy Project

Alchemy Project is an experimental community united by the overwhelming belief that the Scriptures have the power to transform lives. The Alchemy website provides a number of experiments you can try to engage with the Bible in unusual ways. Experimenting with inspiring, unusual, exciting, strange and unorthodox ways to explore the Bible! Source: Alchemy – … Continue reading Alchemy Project

Wycliffe Bible Storytelling Workshops

Telling Bible stories can make the scripture come to life! Wycliffe Australia regularly run Bible Storytelling workshops in many states of Australia. These workshops teach a number of skills: How to take a narrative passage of scripture and craft it into a simple, accurate, memorable Bible story. How to tell a Bible story so that … Continue reading Wycliffe Bible Storytelling Workshops

Why I Started a Personal Devotion Time

Boundless intern Kathryn Sill shares about her experiences starting a regular personal devotion time. When I was a child, my dad used to begin our family’s day with Scripture reading. But as I got older, my parents stressed the importance for me to have my own devotion time. However, I am embarrassed to admit that … Continue reading Why I Started a Personal Devotion Time

Let’s Be Honest: Reasons Why We Don’t Read Our Bibles

In this article, the pastor Erik Raymond explores five reasons why Christians don’t read the Bible. If we were to survey Christians at evangelical churches in America most people would agree that they need to read their Bibles. They understand that it is both required and good for them. But the sad truth is, many … Continue reading Let’s Be Honest: Reasons Why We Don’t Read Our Bibles

The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches

In this article, Ed Stetzer writes about the abysmal Bible literacy statistics among American church-goers, shares some factors that lead to an increased likelihood of someone engaging with the Bible, and outlines some ways in which small groups can help people to engage with the Bible. How small groups can change the statistics Source: The … Continue reading The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches

The King, the Snake and the Promise

The King, the Snake and the Promise is a CD for kids that goes through the story of the Bible from creation to Jesus. The CD has: Kids’ songs going through the stories of the Bible Sheet music for the songs A Sunday school program which goes through the whole Bible in 10 lessons You … Continue reading The King, the Snake and the Promise