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Meet Josh & Amy


The main architects of Bible Stuff are Josh and Amy Bartlett. Josh and Amy are passionate about seeing God transform lives and communities through the power of his word.

Josh and Amy are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia. They work in partnership with churches and Christian organisations to help people engage more deeply with God through the Bible.

Since 2004, Josh has volunteered on Scripture Union camps, helping people discover the joy of seeing the Bible come to life. In 2011 he was deeply challenged by research which showed that only a small portion of Australian Christians regularly read the Bible. He felt convinced that God wanted him to do something about it. This has led to his current role with Wycliffe Australia, focusing full time on Bible engagement.

Amy married Josh in 2017 and now works alongside him as part of Wycliffe Australia’s Bible engagement team. Amy has experienced the power of God’s word throughout her own life, and wants to help others share that experience.

Josh and Amy live in Brisbane, Australia. They long to see the Holy Spirit transforming lives and communities as God’s people know and live his word.

About Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia

Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia exists to see people of every language group living as disciples of Jesus Christ through the power of God’s word in a language that speaks to their heart. Around the world over 200  million people do not have any part of the Bible in a language they truly understand. Wycliffe Australia works to change that.

Wycliffe Australia acknowledges that access to an appropriate Bible translation is only part of the journey. You don’t only need to have a Bible, you need to use the Bible, and let God speak through it. This is why, around the world, Wycliffe Australia and its partners work with communities to help people engage with the Bible.

It’s easy to assume that, because the English-speaking world has had the Bible for centuries, there’s nothing to get in the way of people living as disciples of Jesus through the Bible. Wycliffe Australia acknowledges that this is not the case: many people struggle to engage with God through the Bible. Wycliffe Australia is committed to using its experience and expertise to build up Christ’s church by helping people overcome obstacles to Bible use.

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Bartlett family bushwalking: Josh Bartlett