How to tell Bible stories

Bible stories are a great way to communicate God’s word with others. But how do you learn to tell Bible stories? Here are some ideas.

Wycliffe Bible Storytelling Workshops

Telling Bible stories can make the scripture come to life! Wycliffe Australia regularly run Bible Storytelling workshops in many states of Australia. These workshops teach a number of skills: How to take a narrative passage of scripture and craft it into a simple, accurate, memorable Bible story. How to tell a Bible story so that … Continue reading Wycliffe Bible Storytelling Workshops

Free Online Bible Storytelling Lessons

12 Free Online Bible Storytelling Lessons (video format) A series of videos on HOW to craft a story, and what makes a good story. This brilliant set of videos critiques the stories it tells, teaching you to craft better stories by focusing on a different skill in each story (e.g., the first story, the baptism … Continue reading Free Online Bible Storytelling Lessons


John Walsh is a Bible Storyteller who updates regularly. Facebook Page: BibleTelling: telling God’s Word His website also contains other resources such as 260 stories already crafted in written form, available for free download

Detailed Story Crafting Handbook

This book (must download the PDF, the view link appears broken) has an intriguing section on crafting for each story (rather than a general overview of how to craft) in the Story Training for Trainers manual. It focuses on specific language and concept issues within the story. The handbook actually has pre-crafted all the stories … Continue reading Detailed Story Crafting Handbook