Engaging kids with the story of Jesus

Check out the resources below for some handy ways to connect kids with the story of Jesus.

Big Bible Challenge

Here’s another fantastic resource useful at Kids Church or for parents or mentors to discover what’s in the Bible together with their primary-aged children: The Big Bible Challenge. “Big Bible Challenge” presents 100 key Bible stories in an exciting, child friendly format. The stories are grouped into 20 Bible challenges, each featuring five Bible stories, … Continue reading Big Bible Challenge

Wild Bible (and Website)

Bible Society Australia has a great magazine-style publication of Mark’s Gospel in the New Living Translation, called Wild. They also have an accompanying website which includes: Activity sheets for kids Original videos unpacking the life of Jesus An interactive game where you take a child through the life of Jesus Tutorials for teachers Video lessons … Continue reading Wild Bible (and Website)

Free Bible Images (website)

This website provides Bible images for use in presentations or other teaching material. It seems that the images can be used for any teaching, but not for commercial purposes. Free sets of Bible story pictures, images and illustrations to download. ‘The Word in pictures’. Source: Free Bible images: Free downloadable pictures illustrating stories from the … Continue reading Free Bible Images (website)

The King, the Snake and the Promise

The King, the Snake and the Promise is a CD for kids that goes through the story of the Bible from creation to Jesus. The CD has: Kids’ songs going through the stories of the Bible Sheet music for the songs A Sunday school program which goes through the whole Bible in 10 lessons You … Continue reading The King, the Snake and the Promise