Overviews of the Bible

Want to know more about what’s in the Bible and how it all fits together? Check out the resources below.

The King, the Snake and the Promise

The King, the Snake and the Promise is a CD for kids that goes through the story of the Bible from creation to Jesus. The CD has: Kids’ songs going through the stories of the Bible Sheet music for the songs A Sunday school program which goes through the whole Bible in 10 lessons You … Continue reading The King, the Snake and the Promise

Re:Quest Bible Introduction

This interactive website has a whole range of resources available on it. Introduction to the Bible is a very simple (and cute) slideshow about what the Bible is. New Testament and Old Testament have quick but accurate overviews of the books of the Bible Questions About the Bible answers, well, questions about the Bible There … Continue reading Re:Quest Bible Introduction

Insights on the Bible

Chuck Swindoll has written studies on each of the books of the Bible to go a little deeper than a simple overview. The strengths of these studies are that they each locate the book within the story-line of the Bible, and consistently highlight the big picture overview. The studies also have cross-reference to other relevant … Continue reading Insights on the Bible