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This App/Webpage is pretty cool. Free, & was advertised as “no ads” multiple translations of the bible available in audio form – and contains a range of different reading plans – from 5 days focussed on a particular topic to the whole bible through in a year. Reading plans & audio were the positive bits.

Audio Quality
– overall, quite good (haven’t yet found a robot voice.)
– English are mostly US accented, but there is a UK accent available for the NIV
– Personal preferences include the audio for ESV and NASB
– I can’t say I speak French well, but I really enjoyed listening to John 1 in the PDV French audio version! (complete with sound effects, music, and a very enthusiastic John the Baptist)
– Will play through all of the days readings without pause.

Reading Plans
– Keep a track of what you have read, and what day you are up to.
– Give you a good place to start if you have no idea what to read
– Can look for a specific topic (eg. 4 day reading plan on Making Wise Choices)
– Can look for a specific length of time (I will try to read the bible every day for a month)
– Can look for a plan that will allow you to read whole bible/whole new testament in a year.

Social Media
– can read with a group of friends or a bible study group to help encourage each other.

– Available on the web, or on Android or i-phone
– Some translations are available for download and off-line use.

For all that it was supposed to be “no ads”, the app feels a little spammy in that rather than opening to the Bible, or your current reading plan, it opens ot a home page with helpful tips, verses of the day and… yeah, I’m pretty sure they are ads there too.

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