Big Bible Challenge

Here’s another fantastic resource useful at Kids Church or for parents or mentors to discover what’s in the Bible together with their primary-aged children: The Big Bible Challenge.

“Big Bible Challenge” presents 100 key Bible stories in an exciting, child friendly format. The stories are grouped into 20 Bible challenges, each featuring five Bible stories, one in full and four in summarised form with the opportunity for the reader to find out more. Each challenge helps the child to explore the Bible both visually and through responding to suggested questions and activities. The book is ideal for using as part of E100 challenge so that the whole church family can follow the programme together.

Great features of the Big Bible Challenge:

  • includes many more parts of the Bible than usually appear in kids’ curricula, children’s Bibles or Bible story books.
    • artwork which accurately reflects Bible content and settings.
    • foldout double-page illustrations for each of the 20 sections, summarising the 5 passages in in that section.
    • comments from real-life children, activities and explanations appropriate to readers’ age level.
    • potential for children to develop the habit of daily Bible reading.

It costs from $20 upwards, depending where you buy it.

You can find out more about the Big Bible Challenge at http://www.bigbiblechallenge.com/.

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