Bible Overview Pamphlet (Rose Publishing)

This 12 page pamphlet is one of the best (and very simple) overview outlines of the structure of the bible I have come across. It is easy to read, well laid out, simple, clear and colourful and costs only a few dollars.

The catch is that it is a tricky little pamphlet to get a hold of. It is available through Google Play Books and Amazon/Kindle. However, any time I purchased an e-copy of the pamphlet it would instead send me an eBook without the colours, and with a far less user-friendly interface. To obtain the actual pamphlet I had to go to the publisher’s page, and using the password contained in the front of the eBook, sign up for weekly eCharts to be emailed to me.

Once I had done this however I finally was able to download a PDF of the file, and I think it was worth the hassle!

 photo bible overview_zpsjrqg4zlo.png

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