Wycliffe Bible Storytelling Workshops

Telling Bible stories can make the scripture come to life! Wycliffe Australia regularly run Bible Storytelling workshops in many states of Australia. These workshops teach a number of skills:

  • How to take a narrative passage of scripture and craft it into a simple, accurate, memorable Bible story.
  • How to tell a Bible story so that your mouth and body tell the same story.
  • How to teach a Bible story to others so they can accurately pass it on to someone else.
  • How to use a Bible story in a discovery Bible study.

The workshops also teach important attitudes towards Christian ministry and mission. Many participants come away from the workshops with an increased desire to know and share God’s word, and with tools to do so effectively.

You can find out information about upcoming Wycliffe storytelling seminars on the events page of the Wycliffe Australia website.

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